Art and Community are difficult, if not impossible to separate. One creates the other creates the other creates the other, ad infinitum. What results is something we call culture. Culture defines our homes, towns, cities, countries, and continents. It is a way of seeing, of talking, and of living. Our cultures define our humanity.

The usual perception of Orlando culture revolves around big business and tourism, but the truth is that the city has much more to offer. Orlando’s art scene has risen over the past few years thanks to a budding community of art galleries, museums, and bars/restaurants that feature the work of local artists. Now more than ever, Orlando artists not only find many great places to show their work, but they also find a community of people that want to buy their pieces.‘s goal is to continue this process by compiling a database of every gallery, museum, or bar/restaurant that fosters the growth of Orlando’s modern art scene. The website is a one stop reference guide for any local artist, art patron, or art lover. Let it be your a virtual home that points in the direction of the latest exhibitions and gallery events.